QSEG PopUp 40MM Display stand – Lightweight

Designed to be setup in a couple of minutes
QSEG  Frame (and joiners on larger walls)
Transport Bag
Fabric Graphics for both sides
Stabilising Feet
Artwork to be supplied by the Customer or can be designed and supplied by us at additional cost
Multiple fabric skins can be ordered to easily change the display image for different events or exhibitions

Recycle the used skins through our Sustainability Program

Sizes Available

  • QSEG – Size 1000w x 2000h x 40d

  • QSEG  – Size 1200w x 2000h x 40d

  • QSEG – Size 2400w x 2250h x 40d

  • QSEG – Size 3000w x 2250h x 40d

  • All sizes have a transport bag
  • We also offer a 250mm extender pole to increase the height of the current units


24 January 2023

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