Our commitment to Sustainability

in a continuous effort to reduce the amount of landfill waste generated from printed products and materials we supply to customers. Real action, not just talk.

We currently do this by:

  • Eliminating print products that are non-recyclable, unless there is no other current alternative and buy products that are made from recycled materials and can be recycled post-use
  • Textile recycle program. We only use fabric printed products that are manufactured from already recycled materials. We offer a Fabric Return Program for your used polyester fabrics to be re-processed and used in bedding manufacturing. This year alone we are proud to have have stopped 4 tons of fabric waste going to landfill. With more customers embracing the program we aim to have every fabric we produce returned for recycling
  • All packaging wrap protection we use for graphics is now biodegradable and breaks down in landfill waste
  • We have eliminated PVC Vinyls for POS graphics with recyclable equivalents that can now be disposed of in normal paper waste
  • Stretch frame silicone edge graphics eliminate the requirement for board mounting or laminating, and is more cost effective for transport of goods with less carbon emissions